Nurture and build rental income

Leverage mobile marketing to keep your shoppers coming back to your centre frequently.

Mobile Marketing has come of Age

Shoppers use mobile phones to access the internet today MORE than desktops.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Empower your Retail Tenants

CentreChat – Mobile Marketing for Shopping Centres

What is CentreChat?

 CentreChat empowers shopping centres throughout the World to automatically build a permission led, segmentable database of shoppers visiting their centres.

Through an easy to use web interface, it offers artificial intelligence and mobile marketing to develop and cultivate deep and meaningful personal relationships with shoppers, at scale.

CentreChat brings them back to the centre time and time again, driving more revenue for your tenants and allowing you to secure and escalate your rental income.

Centre Benefits

Establish an information rich permission based, segmentable list of your centre shoppers automatically.
Manage shop listings, promotions and centre events from our bespoke centre management web interface dashboard
Using iBeacon technology, engage with your shoppers automatically as they approach within 100 m of your centre.
Send push notifications directly to your shoppers phones for FREE.

Shopper Benefits

Faster and more convenient way to find what they want
Increased awareness of shop promotions and events
Personalised relationship with your Centre using the power of Artificial Intelligence
Nothing new to download – they already use the Facebook platform

Enquire Now

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What problem does CentreChat solve for Shopping Centre Marketers?

The Problem of Facebook Organic Reach

The idea behind Facebook is to create a bunch of people following your Facebook page so that when you want to communicate with them, you simply post an update and they will see it. 

Facebook changed its algorithm so that the organic reach of a Facebook post was radically reduced.  What we mean by this is that whereas perhaps before you could reach maybe 80% of your followers this was reduced to perhaps 15%. The number varies as it is influenced by the many variables which ultimately constitutes the Facebook Algorithm. To reach your followers at high reach levels is still possible but you need to run a paid campaign to do it.  That is assuming that given your campaign time frame, Facebook will succeed in reaching your audience.

The Problem of Facebook Post Context and Frequency


It is also important to take under consideration the context of how posts are seen. Context is going to be influenced by relativity. If the brand who’s article pops into your Facebook timeline is highly relevant to you then you will probably pay it more attention and perhaps engage with it. Your followers Facebook timelines are noisy places. Your sponsored post has to compete with many other organic and paid posts, all competing for your followers attention.


Refers to the number of times your article appears in your followers timeline. If your post only appears once, it can easily be lost in the multitude of competing posts for your audience’s attention.

The Problem with Email Marketing

Email marketing is not as simple as it seems. Typically emails have a hard time of it just making it the recipients inbox. In the world of email marketing, the delivery rates average around 35% and according to MailChimp the average open rate for all industries is 21.33%. If you have a button or link for the recipient to click on, the average click-through rate is 2.62%.

Send 100 000 emails, have 21330 opened and 2062 clicks has all the trappings of a leaky bucket.

The Problem with Website Traffic

Shopping Centre websites are mostly responsive in design today and can easily be viewed on mobile. But traffic figures are low. One trend we have seen is that when leaving the Facebook App on mobile phones to view a website, the bounce rates (users who view a single page and then leave) are high and the number of pages viewed on the website, low. 

CentreChat solves many of these problems by delivering a personalised engaging message on the Facebook Messenger platform directly to your shopper’s mobile phone. Delivery and Read rates are exceptional and typically in excess of 80%. 

Acquiring user permissions, user information such as email and mobile as well as tracking user behaviour in order to build out list segments is frictionless using Facebook data and easy to click on buttons.