Chatbots For Shopping Centres

CentreChat is a Content Management Platform that was designed for Shopping Centre owners and their marketing agencies to manage the content in their ChatBots.

A Powerful New Communication Channel🏆

Over time, a Chatbot can be trained to respond to hundreds of different user utterances, understand with increasing accuracy what the user is looking for and reply intelligently (often bringing in data from external sources to add to the reply). And where they can’t, bringing in a human agent is quickly done.

About CentreChat👀💬

CentreChat is a Content Marketing Platform that was designed for Shopping Centre owners and their marketing agencies to manage the content in their ChatBots.

Anything updated in CentreChat is automatically published to their Chat Channels. It is accompanied by the CentreChat App built for retailers to use to configure, publish and redeem their promotions.

CentreChat was started by Martin Swanson and has offices in Cape Town and France. Martin has a BCom (Econ) from UCT and a Post Graduate Diploma in Property Investment and Valuation from Stellenbosch. He ran a retail leasing agency for 10 years in Cape Town and has been involved in Digital Media for 20 years.



Try it yourself. Scan this QR Code and it will pop you into Facebook Messenger and turn you from an anonymous user to a know subscriber.


Don’t Hesitate, Choose CentreChat CMS 👌💯

The Centre Chat Content Management System integrates seamlessly into any App or Chatbot Development Platform


At The Forefront

To maintain our technological edge, CentreChat is subject to patent approval.

Customized solution

Customized Solution

Our chatbot & dashboard are personalized to fit with your needs.

Customized solution

Manage Your Data

No data transmitted to a third party. Hosting is guaranteed and owned.

customer experience

Customer Experience

Quality chatbot with fruitful client experience as our first priority.

Shops And Services

Shops And Services

Easy to find information including shop directory and shop categories.


Retailer Promotions

Bots work for you all day delivering promotions to Shoppers and building Footfall.


Rewards Program

Loyalty programs are meant to reward customers for being customers.

List Builder

List Builder

Providing all possible entity values related to the shops and mall.


More than messaging, CentreChat Benefits😍

A new entrant into the Non-GLA Revenue Market for Shopping Centres.

  • New untapped source of revenue for Shopping Centres
  • Improved Customer Service – instant access to information about each Centre 24/7
  • Develops a deeper connection with your Shoppers
  • No Chatbot development Skills needed
  • Delivers messages and adverts directly to Shoppers in Chat channels they trust and use each day
  • Snap Surveys

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)🤖

Chatbot training using Artificial Intelligence and Understand and automatically reply to thousands of users simultaneously.

Cultivate dialogue with your shoppers using Messaging

  • Increase your Centre Footfall
  • Keep their attention focused on your Centre’s Retailers
  • Become more engaging and cultivate loyalty
  • Send links, gifs, videos and more to keep vastly improve your Shopper experience

A new entrant into the Non-GLA Revenue Market for Shopping Centres

  • Content Management System and Ad Serving Platform for Shopping Centre Chatbots
  • Connecting your shoppers 24/7 with your Centre
  • Position your brand in the Chat Apps your Shoppers Trust and use daily

Connect With Shoppers Through An Omnichannel Experience💰🛒

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • SMS
  • Email

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