Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion users around the world today. This means your Shoppers already have the app on their phones. 

Facebook Messenger

Why Facebook Messenger?  

Already on Shopper's phones

With over 1.3 billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger is already on your Shoppers phones and associated with their Facebook profile. There is nothing new to download.

Feature-rich platform

Messenger allows an enhanced, visually pleasing conversation to take place using images, video, text, sound, emojis and more. It offers its users free video calls, group chats, document and audio transfers, games, send location and more.

100 % Maintained by Facebook

Facebook owns and maintains the Messenger App. In March 2020 the entire underlying code was rewritten to make the app lighter, quicker and to prepare it for future growth.

Frictionless Data Capture

No need to type in an email address or phone number – Messenger pulls data in form Facebook and users simply click to confirm. To engage with your Shopping Center is as easy as tapping on a few buttons.

Be in the Conversation

Your Shoppers are chatting to each other and they expect to be able to be able to chat to your Centre too.  Messenger allows you to create a presence and automatically engage with your Shoppers 24/7.

Reduces traffic lost to websites

Most people now use mobile to access the internet. Research has shown that Facebook mobile app users prefer to continue to Messenger than to leave the Facebook app to visit your website.

ChatCentre Bot Features  


Shop Directory

An easily searchable list of shops in your Centre enhanced with Artificial Intelligence – managed from your CentreChat web interface.
Search by category or simply send a message:
Shopper → “I am looking for a curio shop”
CentreChat → “I have the following curio shops selling bangles, Martin”

Shop Promotions

A searchable list of promotions being run by shops in your centre.  Push notifications to your Shoppers whenever you add a promotion to increase footfall.
* Additional Digital Loyalty Cards and Redeemable Digital Coupons available for your shops

Centre Events

Keep your Shoppers informed of events happening at your Centre. Push notifications of the next event and increase participation levels.
Run a competition or survey and have Shoppers redeem their reward at  the event.




Push Feedback requests to your shoppers from time to time. Receive aggregated performance scores on key performance indicators in real time.




AI powered Chat

Using the power of the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, user utterances are used to train the ChatBot to reply automatically 99% of the time.  Human takeover of a discussion is possible at any time.



Viral Sharing

Encourage your shoppers to use the power of the Facebook and the Facebook Messenger platform to share promotions, events and to encourage their friends to become Members of your Shopping Centre by downloading your Digital Membership Card. 



Practical Information

Opening hours, directions, telephone number, parking tariffs – put a world of practical information about your Centre in your Shopper’s hands.
Directions to the Centre? Upload your position and let Google Maps, Waze or other apps direct you to the Centre – easy peasy!


Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from my Facebook Page?

As mentioned on our Home page, organic page reach for anything posted to your Facebook page is low and user engagement is restricted to commenting, liking or sharing a post. It falls short of communicating with all your followers for free.

Messenger is integrated into your Facebook page and allows your Facebook Page followers to seamlessly become Facebook Messenger subscribers and download your Membership Card. In this way, you are able to build a contactable database of Shoppers with whom you can communicate, instantly and for free. 

Messenger offers your Shoppers an engaging and personalised conversation with your Centre 24/7.

Is this GDPR compliant?

Of course. In order to download your membership card, users must agree to your Privacy Policy.

My Shoppers prefer WhatsApp

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram are owned by Facebook. Behind the scenes Facebook is currently re-arranging the technology to harmonise these apps and it is expected that in time these apps will fuse into one. A bit like WeChat in Asia. Facebook Messenger offers a better media rich experience than WhatsApp and is more suited to Shopping Centres.e. In order to download your membership card, users must agree to your Privacy Policy.