The CentreChat App is designed for Retailers and their staff to:

  1. Promotions

Add, edit and delete shop promotions. Simply click on Add Promotion and fill out the promotion details and upload a picture of the promotion. Once published your promotion can be accessed by subscribers to the Centre’s Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram subscribers.

2. Redemptions

The CentreChat App can be used to scan a QR Code generated by a subscriber inside Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram. This scan will redeem the reward or promotion.

3. Add Points

After a reward has been redeemed, you will be asked to take a picture of the receipt and then add the amount spent which appears on the receipt. Once this is done, press submit. 

If you looking for some support you can reach out to us:

Facebook Messenger 


WhatsApp – send us a message to +33 9 72 62 54 36